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Welcome to Ironclad Steel Structure Homes

  • Environmentally Friendly Using Recycled & Repurposed Steel

  • Self-Patented Fastening System

  • Hurricane / Tornado / Sink Hole / Fire and Termite Resistant

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We are revolutionizing the home building industry with our patented building processes and using Cor-Ten Steel building structures.  We make it easy for you to have a home structure ready for customization on the same day it is delivered to your home site.

We are one of the few all-steel builders in the United States. Our Steel Structure Homes exceed all recommended hurricane-resistant qualifiers for the toughest building codes in the most hurricane-prone state in the nation!

Too many homeowners settle for inferior building materials - fooled by an aesthetically pleasing exterior, only to have their home fail to withstand severe weather events.  The structure and materials of our Steel Structure Homes are environmentally friendly, sinkhole, fire, and termite resistant. Our homes are constructed using revolutionary, patented building processes and specially constructed fasteners to provide you with a home strong enough to withstand hurricanes and tornados.

Don't trust your family's safety and security to a concrete block or wood-framed home.

Trust Ironclad Steel Structure Homes!

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