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Ironclad Family

We firmly believe in safety, sustainability, and re-purposing steel in order to save the trees and the environment.

Most importantly, we believe in family, and keeping our loved ones safe!

Jim Wolff

Jim Wolff is an inventor and the principle of Ironclad Steel Structure Buildings. He has over 50 years of building and real estate experience. He is also the inventor who designed our patented fastening technology and plumbing system.

Richard Berrie

Richard Berrie is a very experienced architect who is located in South Florida. He is the one who brings the Ironclad models to life. He is also an associate of Iron Clad Steel Structure Buildings.

Steve Einhorn.jpg
Steve Einhorn

Steve Einhorn is an associate of Ironclad Steel Structure Buildings. He is a pillar of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida community. Steve resides on many boards as a director and is a member of many humanitarian causes. 

Randy Hodges

Randy Hodges is an associate of Ironclad Steel Structure Buildings. He leads our I.T,  sales, and marketing department. He has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience. 

Charlie Huszty

Charlie Huszty is the VP of our Ironclad Affordable Storage Division and  President of our Ironclad Mobile Storage Division. Charlie is a native of Fort Lauderdale and now heads up these divisions from his home in Savannah Ga.

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